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Team Mudge was officially formed in June 2000 during the California AIDS Ride (photos) by founding members Bob Bathrick, Dennis Crean, "Big Steve" Dowd, Steve Goldman, Arthur Levy, and Victor Lewis. The team was named in honor of Alden Mudge, who served as the central link in bringing together this AIDS Ride contingent. Since that time, Team Mudge has subsumed other riders with a long-standing connection to its captain, and newer members have been recruited to complement the team roster.

The true beginnings of what is now know as Team Mudge, however, can be traced back to the early 90s. In those days, an informal network of riders slowly formed, led by the veteran Lisa Pious. Many were work colleagues and avid weekend cyclists. Outstanding among them were Bob, Steve G., Stefan Milnor, and the young upstart Vaughan Landrum. This intrepid group logged many miles together, including successful attempts to complete the dreaded 129-mile "Death Ride".

During those formative years, riders came and went, but it eventually became clear that a humble, self-deprecating member named Alden Mudge had the staying power to anchor the team. As the decade drew to a close, Alden's charisma brought new riders into the fold. First came his AC-Transit commuter buddy, Arthur Levy, followed by Arthur's protégé, Dennis Crean. Joined by veteran members, these riders formed the core of what was soon officially dubbed Team Mudge. Dennis introduced the 2001 recruits--cousin Dan Beaton and coworker Janet Myers. Team members remain constantly on the lookout for potential additions to the team.

Building on this glorious history, Team Mudge stands poised for the future. The team's success seems assured due to the inspiration of elders Alden and Arthur, the enthusiasm of newer members, and the growing reputation of the team. We're "still rolling strong"!